Healthy Starts for Families

No forcing. More exploring!

Why not make healthy living fun?

No matter if you are the parent, grandparent or family friend, we care about the people we love and want to see them thrive. We focus on 4 key areas that we believe will help you get started. And it’s not just for kids, but for the adults in your life too.

Keep your loved ones on a healthy track by taking the pressure off and having fun with it.

Get Started

Since joining the Healthy Starts for Families program, families have shared with us:

  • were consuming less fast food and soft drinks

  • were eating more fruits and vegetables

  • were drinking more water

  • were missing fewer days of school

What our participants are saying.

Even the kids are reaching for more fruits and veggies.
We as a family are more aware of the responsibilities, we have in eating good food to make our bodies healthier!

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